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It is now a valuable hula instrument.

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Product information
size/dimensions Diameter about 2.4 cm or more (often 3.0 cm or more)
length about 50cm
*Puiri uses all natural materials,
Since it cannot be made according to a fixed standard, there are some differences and errors in thickness and cut edges. Please be forewarned.

*It is difficult to request the thickness and size of the Puiri body, so we appreciate your understanding.

* Due to the influence of Corona, there is a shortage of manufacturers, so it may take some time to arrive.

*Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

Other product description
It is a musical instrument puiri used in popular songs in hula dance.
Hawaii's leading long-established hula shop, the Polynesian Cultural Center is also a purveyor shop, and it will be a puiri that we recommend with confidence.
*Made in Taiwan