[Discount Product] Copy of Kids Poly Cotton Aloha Shirt [Nahenahe Hibiscus]

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Color: Blue

Size: 1 year old

Materials: PolyCotton

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* The storage condition of the manufacturer is bad, and the shoulder part is sunburned.

*It is not noticeable when viewed from the front, so if you don't mind it, it's a bargain!

Product information
Material/Material [Material] Polyester 65% / Cotton 35%
Size/Features Aloha shirt that puts adults to shame.
This aloha shirt is popular among locoboys and is often seen at events.
It is also recommended for areas that are less likely to wrinkle.
・Open collar ・Coconut button ・No pocket
Other product description We have men's aloha shirts, women's dresses, kids aloha shirts, and kids dresses with matching patterns.
Family members and attendees can wear them together.
It has an elegant design that is perfect for events such as weddings and parties, and it is also popular as a hula dress.
The polycotton material is wrinkle resistant and easy to clean.
Note *Polycotton is wrinkle resistant and has excellent durability.

*Please put it in the laundry net and wash it with water in a normal washing machine. It is better to avoid the dryer.

* Regarding products with patterns, please note that the pattern may differ slightly between the photo and the actual product.