Hawaiian Ladies Sleeveless Aloha Shirt Sleeveless [Orchid Fern]

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Color: Black

Size: XS

Materials: Rayon

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Product information
Material/Material [Fabric material] 100% rayon
size/dimensions 【 size 】
We recommend ordering one size smaller than your Japanese size.

<Japanese size indication>
XS (equivalent to Japanese size S)
S (equivalent to Japanese size M)
M (equivalent to Japanese size L)
L (equivalent to Japanese size XL)
XL (equivalent to Japanese size 2XL)
2XL (equivalent to Japanese size 3XL)
Other product description □ It is a standard style Aloha shirt.
100% rayon that is gentle on the skin
It is a firm fabric that does not easily lose its shape.
It is a popular product among people of all ages.

The women's series is a fitted type with a narrowed back waist.

Because the chest part is draped,
It is popular when a very beautiful silhouette appears.

All buttons are coconut buttons.
Note * Regarding products with patterns, please note that the appearance of the pattern may differ slightly between the photo and the actual product.