Please check before purchasing

🌺JCB card cannot be used

The payment system on this site does not support JCB.
Please make payment using another company's credit card.

🌺Please check the size

1. If you haven't checked the size chart, please check it again before purchasing. Customers who purchased 2XL or more cannot be exchanged.

2. In the case of a return or exchange due to customer convenience, the shipping fee will be borne by the customer.

🌺After receiving the order, we will secure the inventory and process the payment.

Based on this order, we may ask the manufacturer to secure the stock.

Occasionally, we may not be able to secure stock, but in that case we will contact you by email.

Please be assured that payment will not be made at the stage of placing an order, but will be made after the order is confirmed.

🌺As a general rule, fabrics cannot be returned or exchanged.

Since the fabric is cut to the desired yardage after ordering, it cannot be resold.

Please check again to make sure there are no mistakes in your order.

🌺Please request fabric cuts in yard units.

If you would like to cut the fabric, please write it in the remarks column in units of ○ yards × ○ pieces.
Please note that we cannot accept cut requests of less than 1 yard.