Please check before purchasing

To all those who are considering purchasing

★About the product you ordered

  • Even if it is on sale, there is a possibility that it may be out of stock as it may be purchased at the same time.Please wait for our contact to confirm your order.
  • Fabric purchases cannot be canceled or changed after the order has been confirmed. Please note. (It is difficult to resell because it is cut to the number of yards requested by the customer.)


For those living in Japan

★ About the lead time for delivery to Japan

  • Due to the influence of corona, the number of flights has been reduced, and it takes time to ship overseas because it is shipped once a week.
    Order and payment by Wednesday Japan time If possible, we will be able to meet the shortest shipping date, so please place your order as soon as possible.
  • For shipping, there are direct overseas shipping and shipping from Japan stock.
    Please be aware that the lead time may vary depending on the product management location.

★ About inquiries

  • Please contact us via LINE/email.
    The person in charge is often in Hawaii and the phone is often not answered.
  • Please note that it may take some time to reply due to the time difference.