Baby Cotton Cabana Set [Plumeria]

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SKU 176-Plumeria-Pink-Underoneyearold(6month)

Color: Pink

Size: Under one year old (6 months)

Materials: Cotton

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Product information
Material/Material [Material] 100% cotton
size/dimensions Size Approximate height Approximate weight
6 months 63.5~73.5 8~10.5kg
12 months 73.5~78.5 10.5~12.5kg
18 months 78.5~84 12.5~14kg
24 months 84~91.5 14~14.5kg
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*Please put it in the laundry net and wash it with water in a normal washing machine. It is better to avoid the dryer.
* Regarding products with patterns, please note that the pattern may differ slightly between the photo and the actual product.
Other product description We have men's aloha shirts, women's dresses, kids' aloha shirts, and kids dresses with matching patterns.
Family members and attendees can wear them together.